Japhet Nzoyisubiziki, a Burundian national, is a PhD student enrolled in joint supervision at the Doctoral School of the University of Burundi and at the Centre for Doctoral Studies "Science and Technology" of the Mohammed V University of Rabat-Morocco. Japhet Nzoyisubiziki has a Master's degree in Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry obtained in 2015 at the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat and, in his doctoral research, he works on medicinal plants of Burundi of which he studies phytochemistry and microbiological activities in general and antibacterial activities in particular. To carry out his work, he is attached to the Research Centre for Natural and Environmental Sciences (in Burundi) and to the Laboratory of Materials, Nanotechnologies and Environment (in Morocco). He sometimes also receives financial support for internships at the Laboratory of Therapeutic Chemistry and Pharmacognosy at the University of Mons in Belgium. In July 2012, he was hired as Assistant Attached to the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences at the University of Burundi where he works until today, but as Master-Assistant since August 2016.

Email: japhet [dot] grizzly [at] gmail [dot] com or japhet [dot] nzoyisubiziki [at] ub [dot] edu [dot] bi or nzoyijapha5 [at] yahoo [dot] fr