Naasson Tuyringire is a PhD student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), under Pharm-Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Center (PHARMBIOTRAC), Faculty of Medicine. He is interested in is Pharmaco-Biotechnology for drug discovery and development. His research focuses on Application of Biotechnology for Drug discovery, and Drug production. His research aims at understanding and elucidating the mechanisms of action of antimycobacterial medicinal plants using metabolomics. This research will allow identifying the molecular targets of antimycobacterial medicinal plants. Effective novel drugs for TB with a specific mechanism of action are expected to be discovered and developed from the medicinal plants. Currently, He is Assistant Lecturer, University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Email: ttijonason [at] gmail [dot] comttijonason@gmail [dot] com/ntuyringire [at] std [dot] must [dot] ac [dot] ug (, )ntuyringire [at] std [dot] must [dot] ac [dot] ug