The Doctor of Medicine is a full time five years, ten semester programme. Each year academic year is made of 40 weeks organized in two semesters. Each semester is made of 18 teaching weeks and two examination weeks. There is an inter semester short vacation of two weeks. All courses in Doctor of Medicine programme have core status; that is every student must take all courses; there is no room for elective courses.

Training is organized into basic sciences (first to third year) in which courses which impart necessary foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes are taught, and clinical training (fourth and fifth year), in which students are taught to take history from patients, examine, order and interpret appropriate investigation, make treatment plan, participate in treating patients in wards, outpatients departments and theatre and make a follow up of such treatments. During clinical training, students are also taught to prevent the various diseases which affect individual at community level. Students are expected to exit at fifth year ready for clinical practice as intern doctors.