National Society development  



Red Cross Red Crescent impact largely depends on the strength of individual National Societies. While international solidarity is crucial in responding to short-term humanitarian needs such as emergencies, it cannot substitute for legitimate and accountable National Societies carrying out relevant and sustained humanitarian work.

Guiding and supporting the development of its member National Societies is therefore one of the Federation's fundamental tasks, and crucial to increasing Red Cross Red Crescent impact. The basis for this work is set out in the 2013 Framework for National Society development.

To promote National Society development, IFRC:

  • provides high level advice to National Society leaderships to help them develop their own National Societies
  • promotes opportunities for National Societies to learn from one another, through face to face exchange, and by documenting important experiences
  • offers tools such as the Organisational Capacity Assessment and Certification (OCAC) to help National Societies assess their own development needs
  • maintains and shares technical expertise in non-profit management and humanitarian action
  • develops policies and minimum standards to guide National Societies in their development.