AMREF - South Sudan

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About us

Amref Health Africa has been working in South Sudan, formerly Southern Sudan, since 1972. It has played a critical role in planning and developing the country’s primary health care system. Although this work was interrupted by the civil war, Amref Health Africa’s continued presence in the country has allowed it to cultivate trust among both local communities and authorities.

The foundation has established a working relationship with the Ministry of Health, with which it has developed a national health care plan, trained health workers, and established a primary health care project that serves over 150,000 people.

Accordingly, Amref Health Africa focuses its efforts in South Sudan on eliminating the conditions under which preventable diseases flourish, and strengthening and developing the capacity of the country’s health services infrastructure.


Amref Health Africa’s is committed to improving the health of people in South Sudan by partnering with and empowering communities and strengthening health systems.


Our vision is for lasting health change in South Sudan: We want to see communities with the knowledge, skills and means to maintain their good health and break the cycle of poor health and poverty.

Our Goal:

The goal of Amref Health Africa in South Sudan is to contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality and improve the overall health status as well as the quality of life of the South Sudanese population.

Our Values Health as a human right:

Amref Health Africa believes that health is a basic human right and operates its programmes with a rights-based approach.

Gender equity:

Amref Health Africa is committed to mainstreaming gender considerations in all of its interventions. As we strive to abolish gender inequities, we make a conscious effort to remove unfair practices and promote the wellbeing of both genders.


Amref Health Africa South Sudan identifies priorities and allocates resources on a pro-poor basis, giving priority to people and communities that we believe to be the most vulnerable.


Adhering to international conventions, Amref Health Africa South Sudan does not condone discrimination based on sex, religion, race or culture, internally or in its programmes and interventions.

Trust and transparency:

Amref Health Africa South Sudan believes in honest communication, absolute openness, and the transparent use of influence, power and resources. Amref Heath Africa has zero tolerance for corruption, both within the foundation and in our dealings with outside agencies.