Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CoRSU) Hospital

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About us

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CoRSU) Hospital was established in 2006 as a private non-profit NGO in Uganda. CoRSU works with people with disabilities but priority is children with physical impairment for whom it provides orthopaedic and plastic/reconstructive surgical interventions and rehabilitation services.


The Vision of CoRSU is that people with disability in Uganda are able to access rehabilitation services that improve their quality of life and that they are fully integrated into society.


To be a key player in Uganda in preventing disability and reducing the consequences of impairment, through the provision of accessible, affordable, appropriate quality medical, therapy and community rehabilitation services for people with disability, prioritizing children.

Research Capacity and Excellence

Fully functional modern diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative facility for Orthopedic and reconstructive rehabilitation services. Annually, the hospital carries-out over 5,000 Surgical Procedures such as Limb Deformities, Clubfoot, Fractures and, Cleft Lip/ Palate. The Hospital acts although not officially as a referral centre for children with disability and those at risk of acquiring a disability from the whole of Uganda and neighbouring countries.

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