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About us


According to the statutes of INES-RUHENGERI, the mission is expressed as follows: “Contribute through the interactive conjunction between civil society, the private sector and public sector to the national and regional development, by providing specialized university education enhanced by research, in order to create competitive enterprises and well-paid employment.”


The vision of INES is expressed in the following phrases: “Universality in each individual; Knowledge in order to unite and better serve the world.”

This mission and vision of INES-RUHENGERI are what made it choose to strategically be a specialized Institution in Applied Fundamental and Social Sciences. This means that INES-RUHENGERI in its learning methodology seeks to balance theories and practical in order to give to students, responsive competences i.e. competences that they can use to provide sustainable solutions to various day-to-day problems of the society.

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