Kabale university School of Medicine

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About us

The Idea of Kabale University was born way back in 1995 under the umbrella of the Kigezi Development Association. In 1999, Kabale District Local Government signed and sealed a commitment deed confirming its donation of land in Kabale Municipality for the development of Kabale University.

This contribution was fifty-three (53) acres of land and the developments on it at Kikungiri Hill and Nyabikoni. In the same year, an application to operate Kabale University as a centre of higher learning was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES).

Kabale University is located on Plot 364 Block 3 Kikungiri Hill, in Kabale Municipal Council, about 2 kilometres off Kabale-Kigali Highway. This consists of 50 acres of land. The University can be accessed via Mukombe Road and University Road, which connect the Kikungiri Campus to Kabale-Katuna Road. An additional Campus (Just over 3 acres) is located on Plots 66-76 in Nyabikoni Parish in the Central Division of Kabale Municipal Council.