Kampala International University, Tanzania

POINT (39.1560786 -6.8822969)

About us


To become a premier institution of international repute that prepares students for the world and inclusive society.


To respond to societal and educational needs by designing and delivering education guiding principles and values of respect for society, economy and to provide and develop a supportive research environment in which scholars at every stage of their career can flourish.

Objectives of the University

The long-term objectives, of KIUD are;

  1. To produce highly skilled and competent graduates capable of making independent and wise decisions which will enable them to become respected members of society and contribute to their professions, the nation and the global community.
  2. To become a premier International University in the Great Lakes Region, and beyond, providing needs-based, market-driven quality academic programmes.
  3. To supplement the government’s effort in the stimulation of higher education by providing university education to a larger section of society.
  4. To provide professional development and continued learning for practising professionals.
  5. To undertake research projects in various fields that contribute to the political, economic, social and technological development of society.
  6. To undertake partnerships with other institutions to enhance mutually beneficial objectives.
  7. To recruit experienced well-trained academic and administrative staff with ability to sustain an intellectually challenging learning environment that prepares and equips students with skills for continued development.