MEWA Hospital

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About us

Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA) was established in 1986 and registered as a non-profit making organization in 1993. The organization has key mandate in empowering the community through investing into major sustainable development goals i.e. Community Service (Education and Training), Health Department (Medical Hospital) and Health and Harm Reduction Program (Health and Human Right). For the past 33 years MEWA has been working in the spirit of volunteer ship and has been supported all through with subsidized cost sharing fee through beneficiaries’ contribution to services and key structures for functionality supported by local and international developmental partners

The MEWA governance structures comprises of a Board of Trustees (BoTs), which is a non-executive mandated to act as the guardian and custodian of MEWA assets and to ensure that the organization vision grows to fulfill its objectives. Currently, The Board of Management (BOM) is tasked in ensuring general governance oversight, staffing and strategic guidance of the organization. The institution is currently overseen by an Ag Chief Executive Officer. 

Our Core Values 

Shared Vision

MEWA endeavors to involve its members, partners, beneficiaries, clients and other stakeholders in the planning of its activities. This shall be done through the sharing of information and holding of regular meetings.

Respect for People

Board members and employees are entitled to work in an environment in which people are treated with respect. Board members and employees must therefore avoid actions or behaviours that are or could be viewed as harassment and are required to treat all people with respect, dignity and fairness.


MEWA requires the Board of Trustees (BoTS); Members of the Board of Management (BoM); and all staff to indicate their personal commitments to these core values.


MEWA cherishes empowerment of people, members, staff, clients, community members and other institutions. It practices active listening in order to minimize discrimination by gender, age, race, religion or dis/ability. It encourages division of labour, complementarities and community participation in appropriate stages of any project.


MEWA shall exercise the highest integrity in all its activities. It shall observe ethical balance between confidentiality of information and the sharing of the same information among those who need it for making decisions.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency of operations, planning and reporting and a clear accountability framework are fundamental principles that underlie good governance. It is expected that Board members and employees will work together in a spirit of openness, honesty and transparency. This will encourage engagement, collaboration and respectful communication.


Every Board member and employee is responsible for using appropriately the assets entrusted to them.They are responsible for safeguarding the assets against waste, loss, damage, misuse, theft, misappropriation or infringement, in order to protect their value. All transactions of the organization must be reflected accurately and fairly in the books of accounts. Falsification of asset records or misrepresentation of facts will constitute fraud.

Innovation and Making a Difference

MEWA pays special attention to new and creative ways of achieving objectives. This applies to staff and performance management, institutional development and professional development. Innovation is encouraged through well-organized meetings, discussions of new ideas and criticisms which offer concrete alternatives. In doing so, MEWA shall endeavor to making a difference in its mandate areas of education; harm reduction; community service and healthcare and medical service provision.


MEWA aims at obtaining the highest quality of output from its staff. The performance of the organization shall be judged by the quality of its deliverable. This shall be achieved both by recruiting the best-qualified staff and in investing in capacity building of its staff. All staff must have clear job descriptions and work plans.