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About us

Burundi is a country rich in natural resources and economic opportunities. However, a decade of civil war that ended in 2005, the country was one of the poorest in the world. Today, Burundi is on a path to development.

A strong driver of growth in Burundi is its wealth of natural resources, particularly minerals.

Pact believes resource-dependent communities should benefit from their natural environment, which is why we work to ensure mining is a secure livelihood for the thousands of people who rely on the industry in Burundi.

In 2014, Burundi became the third country in the Africa Great Lakes Region to implement the mineral traceability and due diligence program known as iTSCi. The program aims the ensure minerals that make up our everyday items, such as phones and cameras, do not support conflict.

Pact currently implements the iTSCi program at 24 mine sites in Burundi, reaching more than 1,800 miners.

We also work with the World Bank to expand financial transparency in the country’s mining sector. Through tracking taxes and revenues from artisanal mining and minimizing illegal taxation of miners, this work will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and improve miners’ income security.

In addition to Burundi, Pact also implements the iTSCi program in neighboring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.