Private Nurses Midwives Association of Tanzania

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About us

PRINMAT is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization comprising of registered Nurses and Midwives who provide reproductive health services at small community maternity homes which are registered by Tanzania Nurses and Midwives council through the districts.

PRINMAT is a union of all-practicing Nurses and Midwives (Nurse Run Facilities).
It was established in 1999 and registered in July 2000. PRINMAT is a membership organization and all member clinics work under one body, which is PRINMAT. The head office is in Dar es Salaam

PRINMAT is committed to reduce morbidity of undeserved community through provision of quality, general sexual/reproductive and child health services,sensitizing community to utilize health services, lobbying/advocacy for services improvement and research on health related issues. PRINMAT does so to compliment Government efforts. In implementing this mission, PRINMAT will adhere to Human rights issues and professionalism.

PRINMAT envisions a healthy community with high life expectancy.

To increase access to maternal, neonatal child health including reproductive health services.

PRINMAT is a national organization intending to cover all regions in Tanzania. Currently, PRINMAT has 85 Maternity / Nursing Homes found in 20 regions and 41 districts in Tanzania Mainland.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
- Board
- Management
- Clinics / maternity / Nursing Homes

Five Program Strategic Objectives are;
-Quality services on general sexual/reproductive and child health is provided in PRINMAT health facilities
-Community awareness on utilization of health services raised
-Lobbying and advocacy for RCH services improvements in the community is done by PRINMAT
-Research on health related issues in PRINMAT operating areas is done and information is used and availed to stakeholders and PRINMAT for decision making
-Institutional capacity of PRINMAT is strengthened

Future Plans
Increase number of maternity homes distribution in all regions in Tanzania to enable all women to be delivered by professional midwives