Rwanda NGO's Forum on AIDS and Health Promotion ( RNGOF)

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About us

Rwanda NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion (RNGOF & HP) is an umbrella/network of local, national NGOs committed directly or indirectly to fighting against HIV/AIDS in Rwanda. It was created in 1999 and gathers more than 100 national NGOs members whose activities in fighting against HIV/AIDS and the promotion of health in Rwanda are coordinated, monitored and evaluated. The Forum is a network of National NGOs decentralized up to the district level. It is also a member of the Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) at National level, the Eastern Africa National Network on AIDS Service Organization (EANNASO) at the regional Level, African Council on AIDS Service organization (AFRICASO) and International Council on AIDS Service Organization (ICASO) at international level. In its day-to-day activities, RNGOF on HIV/AIDS & HP deals with coordination, capacity building, advocacy, funds mobilization and Monitoring and Evaluation of activities of its members in collaboration with key partners, in particular, Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC).