St. Augustine University of Tanzania (Archbishop James University College)

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About us

The Archbishop James University College (AJUCO) is a Constituent College of St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT). AJUCO is an independent higher-learning institution governed by the Board of Trustees and the University Council under the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania (Tanzania Episcopal Conference).

The Archbishop James University College (AJUCO) has two Campuses: Songea Municipal Campus and Peramiho Medical Campus. The Municipal Campus is located within Songea Municipality, in the premises of the former Don Bosco Youth Centre, close to the Songea Catholic Archdiocesan Cathedral Church. Peramiho Medical Campus is located in Peramiho township, about 35km away from Songea municipality.


AJUCO‘s mission is to holistically develop persons and specially enable outstanding students to become creative members of society in a humane and collaborative environment in many fields of human endeavors by encouraging, supporting and celebrating intellectual curiosity, creative citizenship, ethical leadership, critical thinking and respect for diverse communities.


AJUCO is planned to be a premier research-intensive university which improves leadership, collaborative discoveries and innovation that will permit graduates to attain the highest possible level of achievement and commitment to generous services and respect to humankind.