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About us

In July 2014, SPRF’s CEO and Founder, Dr Suleiman C Muttani developed an idea upon a story of 19 years girl dying in his hands. In the course of maternal death Audit revealed, among many factors, the underlying causes of death was a delay in accessing health care service at the family level. The primary cause of death was obstructed labor and sepsis with underlying reasons of the family’s ignorance of obstetric danger signs and family economic crisis; whereby the girl was neglected, had no fare to promptly access medical services, eventually they die due to implications.

This event created an array of alternative thinking to doctors and this was the beginning of SPRF from a well-thought idea of creating agents of change to fight family poverty for good health and well-being. This is how SPRF was established. We are still seeing similar preventable maternal deaths claiming the lives of many women and girls simply because they are giving a new life to the world. SPRF cannot stop serving humanity until these types of deaths are stopped in Tanzania and elsewhere in the world and especially, Sub-Saharan Africa.