Uganda Cancer Institute

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About us

Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) is a public medical care facility in partnership with the Ministry Of Health. UCI’s main focus is on research, training, consultation, prevention and cancer treatment in areas of Pediatrics, Oncology, Gynecology, Radiotherapy, surgery, pharmacy and recently venturing into bone marrow transplants. The Institute also offers palliative care and rehabilitation services.

UCI is affiliated with the Makerere University School of medicine and with the Mulago hospital complex; the teaching hospital for the medical school.

Research Capacity and Excellence

Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) is the national referral facility for cancer. It offers superspecialized services in areas of cancer care, prevention, research and training. It is a well-established centre of excellence for cancer care. UCI has recently installed a modern Radiotherapy Cancer Machine in order to improve the management of cancer in Uganda.

  • Cancer treatment, research and prevention

Research ethics review and regulations

UCI has a research policy and a Research and Ethics Committee. The Uganda Cancer Institute Research and Ethics Committee (UCIREC) reviews and approves studies conducted at the institute. Studies involving human subjects must get the approval of Uganda National Council of Science and Technology (UNCST).