• The Mortuary is situated in the South East section of the Hospital and is accessible from the rear entrance thereby giving it a private and secluded access. It has a capacity for storage of 12 bodies and is well equipped for performing both Hospital patients and Forensic (Medico-legal) autopsies. Both Hospital and government pathologists are available for these purposes. In addition there are facilities available for preservation of bodies to enable safe local transport. Bodies can also be professionally embalmed for repatriation outside Kenya by air transport.

    The Mortuary has a spacious patio which allows for ease of viewing and for performing all the last respects thus giving the departed souls a peaceful and pleasant final farewell for their last journey. The Mortuary offers lodgment of patients who pass away at home as a result of terminal illness and in whom documentation is availed by the family or specialist medical practitioners.

    These services are offered at a very competitive rate and by a team of dedicated and friendly staff who will ensure efficient and respectful handling of the deceased persons and timely preparation for the final journey.