Young East African Health Research Scientists' Forum (YEARS’ FORUM)

24th - 26th March 2019
Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

The YEARS' Forum will take place three days prior to the conference; it will be composed by 6 outstanding PhD candidates in health sciences from each of the EAC Partner States.

The candidates will be sponsored and the EAHRC will define the criteria of selection of the candidates and sponsorship modalities. During the three days, they will present and share their work, will be trained on key areas of research (research as a as a career), and will receive mentorship during the sessions and identify mentors who will continue with their mentorship even after the conference.

They will attend presentations from seniors who may serve as their role model for their career and they will participate in social/cultural events as part of EAC integration and establishing collaborations among themselves. They will form one of the professional groups that will be communicated through the Web portal for health information in the EA and Web portal social media.

EAHRC will develop a Career Development Plan for the group and supervise their mentorship.