Objective The overall objective of the collaborative MSc Tropical Animal Health degree programme is to follow an integrated One Health approach linking animal and human health, with a focus on:
  • The relationship between animal and human infectious and parasitic diseases (zoonoses)
  • Diseases and ecosystem health in order to improve disease control strategies
  • Ecosystem sustainability
  • Food security
  • Rural development
It will support the building of capacity:
  • To meet the challenges to the health of people, livestock and wildlife at such interfaces.
  • To influence the policy process to increase recognition and realization of the One Health concept when dealing with livestock, human and wildlife diseases in the tropics.
The Master (MSc) in Tropical Animal Health programme primarily aims to address an international audience:
  • Involved in tropical livestock and wildlife health, management and production in support of rural development.
  • Wishing to integrate the impact of the diseases and control activities on the local ecosystems in order to increase knowledge and effectiveness of control strategies.