Southern African Center for Disease Surveillance

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About us

A ONE HEALTH Virtual Centre that links academic and research institutions in Southern Africa, which deal with infectious diseases of humans and animals, in an innovative partnership with world-renowned centres of research in high-income countries.

Especially the University of London Colleges that constitute the London International Development Centre (LIDC) including the Royal Veterinary College – RVC – and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine -LSHTM. Other partnerships include collaboration with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), other institutions in the USA, UK and Asia.

This collaboration is further reinforced at the national level by forming national virtual centres for infectious diseases known as National Centres for Infectious Disease Surveillance (NatCIDS). Collectively, the NatCIDS form the core of SACIDS.

The Headquarters of SACIDS is located at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania

Research Capacity and Excellence

Africa Centre of Excellence for Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals in Eastern and Southern Africa (SACIDS-ACE)

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