Tanzania Midwives Association

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About us

The Registered Midwives of Tanzania, having seriously considered and appreciated the importance of the contribution of midwives in the organization, development and delivery of midwife care, have decided and agreed to form Tanzania Midwives Association (TAMA) in line with the party/Government policy to foster the development of midwifery care.

Tanzania Midwives Association is a voluntary Non –Governmental, and Professional Association formally registered in October 6, 1992 in Tanzania. The Association has established branches in all 26 Regions with more than 3500 active members.

Head Office

The headquarters of TAMA is situated at Muhimbili National Hospital adjacent to School of Midwifery in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

The council

The council is constituted by members of National Executive Committee and representative from each region (a chairperson and a Secretary). Members of the Council hold office for three (3) years and. The Council assemble from time to time as occasion demands, provided that it shall meet at least once in a year.

The National Executive Committee (NEC)

The conduct of the affairs of the association between council meetings which is vested in the National Executive Committee (NEC) The NEC carry out the aims and objectives of TAMA; prepare and recommend short and long term development plan to the council; manage funds and assets of TAMA ensuring that such funds are utilized for achieving the aims and objectives of TAMA, recommend entrance fee and annual subscription, ensure that the accounts of TAMA are audited and fire staff of TAMA and do any other relevant business or assignment for the better management and running of TAMA. To constitute a quorum in any NEC meeting at least half of the members must be present.

The Triennial Conference

The Triennial conference is attended by branch chairperson secretaries, NEC members and all midwives. The Triennial Conference will have the supreme powers and held in the form of refresher course, scientific conference and seminar